Bioshock Infinite

Posted: October 23, 2011 in Exploratory

This new a dision to the bioshock has an all new way to play and an all new playes to play. This new game stares in the  1912 and insed of the under water city it is set in a new city in the cloudes. Also in this new game there is no big daddy but the song bird. A gigantic machen that has a prime obgectove to protect one person. There is also no littel sister but a person with this tipe of power that has never been heard of and she is protected by the song bird. There are also a new powers such as calling crowes and other powers. There are also new wepons to have such as a new machen gun and other wepons. To learn more about this game go to to learn more.




007 GoldenEye Reloaded

Posted: October 20, 2011 in Exploratory

The new but old game nowen as 007 Golden Eye has finaly comming to the PS3. This 007 game shuld be beter than the last 007 game “blood stone”. This game has been digely remasterd with a new Bond the one from Quantum of Soles. This game comes with the classic game modes as well as the new but very old mode classic deth mach. This mode has you become the villons from the Bond serys such as Dr. No and other villons. This game has no real pre order bouns so far. To learn more about the game go to this web site to learn more.

Call of duty moon map

Posted: October 19, 2011 in The Games

This new call of duty black ops zombie epic moon brings a holl new way to kill zombies. You first start at hanger 18 (a map from the third map pack) and have to rush to the teloporter. After that your in space. Since your in space you need a space mask and suit to survive. There is also a astronaut zombie that trys to kill you.He will grab you, had but you, take your preks,and teloprt you some ware in the map. To show that this is a new map it was the first map to have the new perk, called mule kick, and the new microwave gun and the quantum atom granade. This map comes with the world at war zombie maps, a black ops zombie sound track,and a zombie moon them. This has to be one of the best maps ever made.


Sants Row The Third

Posted: October 19, 2011 in The Games

This new game is a expantion on Sants Row 2. but in this new game has all new gangs, wepons, vecals, and places to go. This game with a rating of M has a lot to give to the public. If pre orded it comes with a weard cat stunt sute, an octopus gun, and a car with a canon on it to shout random people any ware. For the more expencufe it comes with that and a hade set, and a Sants Row the 3rd cd. For more info. on this titel go to this web site to get the info.

Pay Day the He!st

Posted: October 19, 2011 in Exploratory

In pay day the heist its a game of a group of bank robers and you are the boss of them. this game consist of about 6 heists with hundreds of guns and endles replay abelity. This new game has gust came out but if you were to have preorded you could have got a cool them. for more information go to this web site for the information.


Posted: October 19, 2011 in The Games

The new Modern Warfar that is coming out on November starts right after MW2. In this new game for multi-player there have been new information such as that there is no second chans, new killstreks such as juginot sut, escorted carepacage, and many more killstreks, new maps for this game, also all new guns and old guns made new. For the new story it has an all new story line that takes you from USA to Germany, France, England, and posibly more. As MW2 had MW3 has spec ops but there is a new mode called sevivel mode gust you and a frend fite enamys and can use killstres. The enimeys that you will face are juginots, men with guns, hellocopters and dogs with c4 strapted to them. This game for pre order comes with relly nothing, but for hardern edition it comes with a subscription to call of duty ELET, a jernal from one of the charecter, and for Xbox a juganot outfet for youre avatar, but for PS3  a cool them of call of duty ELET. So comment and/or pre order this gret game.

Assassin’s Creed Revilations

Posted: October 19, 2011 in The Games

The new AC that comes out on November is a big step from the old AC Brotherhood. AC Brotherhood brought the multi-player to the AC but now the new AC has a new way in multiplayer that allows you to change the weapons in the game. The game also brings a new way to make your own bomb in the story mode this makes it easier to make the tipe of boom that you want. Like smoke, shrapnel, or maby a distraction bomb. This new game for pre order has an upgrad to signatuer adition, which has a new character only by pre order, new weapons, new missions for story mode, and for the more expensive all of this and a mine figure of the main charicter and a bomber. Comment on this and/or go to game stop to pre order this great game.